On Sunday 10th April 2017 a crowd of onlookers gathered outside the last remains of Harworth Colliery, in preparation for the demolition of Harworth No.1 Headstock. The headstock was referred to locally as Harworth Castle! The ultra modern headgear was not old, it had only been installed in 1989 as part of the plans to make Harworth a Super-Pit for the 21st Century. Those plans came to an end in 2014 when the mothballed colliery was finally abandoned, production having finished eight years earlier in September 2006.

As the hooters sounded and the crowd waited with anticipation, a bang was heard as the explosives detonated and then nothing happened!  The demolition had failed, a great irony, as if Old King Coal was having a defiant stand against the Masters of the Nation who no longer deemed home deep-mined coal as a necessary part of the nations energy policy in the 21st Century.  The site was sealed off and a more successful demolition took place on the morning of Monday, 11th April 2016.  Harworth Colliery was no more!