Fuel for the Future: 50th anniversary of the White Paper on UK Fuel Policy.

The main points of the 1967 Labour Governments White Paper on the future fuel policy for the UK as follows;

  • We plan to bring in natural gas rapidly, so that the country can benefit as soon as possible from the advantages of this new indigenous primary fuel.
  • New Power Stations are likely to be nuclear rather than oil or coal fired ones.
  • Now with the prospect for natural gas and nuclear power, we are moving away from two main fuels to four.
  • We will guard against the risk of oil supplies being cut off by stockpiling it and in other ways. (this following the 1967 Israel /  Arab war)

On the Coalmining Industry

The challenge from other fuels will not let up.  It is only by going forward with its modernisation plan and concentrating on the most economic pits that the coal industry will be viable…In the next few years the number of miners will fall by 35,000 per year…The country cannot afford excessive protection for any of its industries if we are to compete in world markets, we must aim for cheaper energy.

New Measures for Coal

  • Extra coal use for electricity generation (ESI coal – Electricity Supply Industry)
  • Enhanced redundancy benefits for older miners to finish early.
  • Extra help for coalmining areas specially hard hit by pit closures.


Source: Fuel for the Future, Ministry of Power and the Central office of Information, November 1967.