By the People, for the People: The Nationalisation of Coal and Steel Revisited.

By the People, for the People: The Nationalisation of Coal and Steel Revisited.  

First Workshop of the Coal and Steelworkers’ Study Group

Convenors: Jorg Arnold (University of Nottingham), Jim Phillips (University of Glasgow), Natasha Vall (Teesside University)

Day One – 7th December 2017

Panel One: By the People, for the People  Nationalisation as aspiration and promise, ca. 1912 – 1947/51 – Chair: Jorg Arnold (Nottingham).  12.45 – 14.30   


Jim Phillips (Glasgow): Generation and Nationalisation in the Scottish Coalfield

Chris Massey (Teeside): A “Challenge to the Citadel of Capitalist Power” – Steel Nationalisation 1945-51

Ben Curtis (Cardiff): “The Dawn of a New Era”: South Wales Miners’ attitudes towards the Nationalisation of Coal.

Panel Two: The Nationalised Industries, the economy and employment, 1947-1993.  Chair: Jim Phillips (Glasgow).  15.00 – 16.45


Keith Gildart (Wolverhampton): The NCB and Pit Closures in North Wales.

Ewan Gibbs (West of Scotland): “The chance tae move anywhere in Britain”: Scottish Coalfield Restructuring and Labour Migration 1947-74.

Helen Blakely (Cardiff): A collective memory of collective action: Biographies of Unionism from the South Wales Coalfield.

Panel 3: The Nationalised Industries, their social world and industrial politics, ca. 1947-1993.  Chair Natasha Vall (Teesside). 17.00-18.45.


Charlie McGuire (Teesside): Going for the Jugular: The role of the Steelworkers Banner during the 1980 national steelworkers strike.

Diarmaid Kelliher (Glasgow): Translocal networks of solidarity: the British coalfields and London (1972 – 1992).

Steven Daniels (Liverpool): Conservative Governments and the UDM (1985 -1992).

Day Two – 8th December 2017

Panel Four: Afterlives. Legacies and representations.  Chair: Matthew Beebee (Cambridge). 09.15-11.00

Joan Heggie (Teesside): Steel in the Museum.

Rebecca Saunders (Teesside): Preserving the varied experiences of industrial decline through the voices of Teesside’s Steel Women.

Paul Hardman (NUM)/ Paul Darlow (Barnsley): Memories of Coal: A personal view.

Roundtable: Establishing a Study Group – Formats, Goals and Objectives.  Chair: Jorg Arnold (Nottingham).  11.30-13.00

Franz-Josef Bruggemeier (Freiburg); David Amos (Nottingham); Shaun McLoughlin (National Coal Mining Museum for England); Mhairi Cross (National Coalmining Museum Scotland)

Close of Conference: 14.00

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