Bolsover Colliery: 25th anniversary of closure.

Twenty Five years ago, on 7th May 1993, Bolsover Colliery in North Derbyshire, finished production.  The colliery, sunk in 1890-91, was the first of the influential Bolsover Colliery Company, which eventually expanded into the Nottinghamshire Coalfield, developing collieries and pit-communities at Mansfield Crown Farm (1904/05), Rufford (1913), Clipstone (1922) and Thoresby (1925-28).  Locally the colliery was known as Bowser.

A colliery model village was built between 1891 and 1894, setting the standard for further colliery model villages, including the influential Creswell Model Village. It was one of the first collieries in Britain to achieve production of 3,000 tons of coal per day. At nationalisation it went into the NCB East Midlands No.1 Area, also becoming the HQ for the No.1 Area.  In the reorganisation of 1967 the colliery went into the NCB North Derbyshire Area.  In 1986 it went into the Central region of the British Coal Corporation.

The colliery suffered acute problems in the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike as it came under the NCB North Derbyshire Area for administration purposes but under the Nottingham Area (NUM) for trade union purposes.  Production from the Blackshale seam commenced in 1989.  Closure came about to exhaustion of viable reserves of coal.  Nearby Shirebrook Colliery finished production on the same day in 1993, leaving Markham Colliery as the last large deep colliery in the North Derbyshire Coalfield. Markham finished production in July 1993 bringing to an end deep coalmining in North Derbyshire.


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